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Providing Creative Opportunities For All


Super Artstar
Babies & Toddlers

A messy play session aimed at little ones 6 - 18 months, but suitable for older siblings too! Babies will have the opportunity to play with paints, tools and sensory materials to allow them to explore different art elements - colour, texture, shape and line. Classes will be structured with a theme and outcome while enabling little ones to creatively discover for themselves (under parental supervision) the ideas of Process Art and be exposed to different techniques like mark making and print to encourage their personal development.

Classes will also include looking at artists and exploring stories through art.

Super Artstar Toddlers

A playful Arts & Crafts session for little ones aged

18 months to 4 years. Activities are aimed to encourage experimentation with a range of materials, tools and art techniques whilst exploring art elements - colour, texture, line, pattern and shape. Little ones will be exposed to the work of different artists, encouraging and sparking ideas for their own artwork and personal development.

These sessions will include structured themed tasks, outcomes and free play. 

Our classes are geared towards the curious, the creative and the messy!

We aim to  create a fun and engaging learning environment.

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